January 27, 2013


Omigosh I'm still fangirling over the episodes. I can't...I just... Asdfghjkl
Okay, I'm done now.
Well, I currently do not have access to a computer, so I'm using a phone, which is why like 45 comments randomly appeared this morning where I just signed into the gmail app and saw that I had a bunch to approve. I'm going to do the posts for the first four episodes in the next couple days I'm so sorry about not having them up, between high school and writing a novel an babysitting and crap I totally forgot! Also, as soon a I get a new computer, I'll be switching blogging platforms, because I want to be on Wordpress instead.
Kk bye, and thanks for all the comments and I totally agree I'm not really sure what to think of Alex/KT.
-Brittani <3

July 19, 2012

More Sad News: Bobby Isn't Returning Either ;(

Yes, I know, realization should have hit last season, but then he was in the finale, and everyone was happy to see him and I thought: Oh, Mick will come back next year!!!!! But no...
Him and Alex Sawyer confirmed on their Twitters that Bobby won't return for Season 3. I hate Mick's parents sooooooo much. >:-(
On Bobby's official Twitter(@bllockwood) he wrote on July 16th:
I am sorry to say that I won't be returning to Anubis! But I do have a new show coming out this autumn, Wolfblood on CBBC! So so excited! X
I must no look up Wolfblood. They better not make Bobby a werewolf, but if it's TV-PG(I can't watch some British TV-14 shows, British people aren't quite as strict as we Americans. XD)I shall try to watch it, even if I have to watch some dodgy badly-recorded version of it on YouTube!
Well,  we'll all miss you Bobby! I must go console myself with fan fiction, now. Goodbye, blogger.

July 16, 2012

KT Rush[Nina's Replacement]

Alex Shipp
Today it was confirmed that Nina won't be coming back at all, even as a new actress. Instead, she'll be leaving and be replaced by a new American student name KT Rush, who will be played by Alex Shipp. She's going to join Sibuna and become a "vital part" and she'll team up with Eddie. I have two problems with this.
  1. How the heck do you combine KT with a different name to create a couple name? Why are they doing this to us???
  2. They have completely destroyed the "Eddie's the Osirian" plot line.
You can read the article here.
Will KT be a good addition to Sibuna? Will she be a new Chosen One? Will she win over Fabian or will it be a KT/Eddie thing? Is she going to be like Het Huis Anubis' Noa, who replaced Mara? Let me know what you think in the comments.

July 11, 2012

Updates on the Future

Hey guys! So, today, DirecTV(the satellite service in my house)removed Nickelodeon, as well as all other channels owned by Viacom. So, unless Viacom and DirecTV come to some sort of compromise before next year, I won't be able to update as the episodes come out, but more of as I actually get to watch them when they're finally put on Nick.com. Oh, if only we could've lost Disney instead....

June 12, 2012

Happy Birthday, Eugene Simon!

Yesterday was Eugene Simon's birthday!!! He turned 20! Happy Birthday Eugene!

May 25, 2012

Happy Late Birthdays To Ana & Bobby!!!(And Klariza)

I'm a horrible person who forgot two of my favorite Actor/actress' birthdays. I also think I forgot Klariza's Birthday earlier this year and Alex's was a day late. Ah, well. I'll organize some scheduled posts for everyone else.
Anyone, Bobby:
Happy day-late birthday, Bobby!!!

Happy 13-days-late birthday Ana!!!
Happy...2 month, 12 days later birthday, Klariza!!!

April 16, 2012

SEASON 3 ANNOUNCED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

AH! SEASON 3 IS ANNOUNCED!!!!!!! This happened SO MUCH SOONER than when Season 2 was, considering that Season 2 hasn't even been shown in the UK yet!
I found the announcement via Facebook:
It's official! House of Anubis has been renewed for a THIRD season!!!
I'm so happy right now. I'm sad Nathalia's leaving, but it's good to know HOA will continue on! Share your thoughts, reactions and anything else in the comments! I'm super excited to see how everyone else reacts!

Once I was calmed down enough to check...Here's what the cast has to say on their twitters:

Eugene Simon:
Wanted to let you guys here from us, the cast, that House of Anubis season 3 is happening. :) xx
Brad Kavanagh:
A-HA! I love knowing about series 3 when everyone else doesn't! it makes me feel slightly evil for a week but now you all know so it's OK!
Burkely Duffield:
Just got confirmation that there will be a season 3 of HOA!!! SOOOO EXCITED and a big thanks to all the fans of the show #bestnewsever #WOOO

Jade Ramsey:
Okayyyyy so... 1st off Season 2 starts TONIGHT UK #nickelodeon 6pm! And yeppp SEASON 3 rumours are...TRUE!!! #ohyeaaah
 Alex Sawyer(his was in reply to someone saying they hope there's a Season 3 & HOA is the best Nick show):
@SCShorty19 Ahh cool, good thing there is one


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